ratings_creep-300x166Do we really think that the Hollywood television industry is cleaning up its act? Or, that content on television will stop the “ratings creep” downhill and move in a different direction to a more protective philosophy for children and the American family? The jury is still out, but it does not look good. And while the jury is still having lunch at the local strip joint and pondering the verdict, the verdict is being shouted out to us de facto.

The Parents Television Council recently reported some alarming new statistics regarding the increasing use of full nudity (pixilated or blurred) on primetime television, and it’s not good.

What about the FCC guidelines, you may ask? The FCC enforcement has been lackluster and they are now proposing to officially stop enforcing the indecency laws currently in place and only enforce egregious cases. But what about the television industry ratings system? The networks rate their own programs and therefore have a tendency to not rate a show properly. After all, if they did so, some advertisers may balk at purchasing time.

The irony of it all for the television networks is that most of the shows with the highest number of viewers rated by Nielsen are shows are safe for families to watch. Reference my previous post on May 5 about Duck Dynasty, which each week is consistently the number 1 rated show on cable. However, there are still millions of minds and hearts being tainted by what is seen on mainstream television either on purpose or by accident. No one is fast enough on the remote to anticipate what the next scene (or commercial) will be before it hits our eyeballs.

This is only one of the reasons Oodles Entertainment is focused on producing high quality entertainment programming that is safe and enjoyable for the whole family.

We are determined to do our part to see the “ratings creep” reverse course and take on a whole new direction.