mobile_entertainment-300x173There are more mobile devices in America than there are people and mobility will change the landscape of entertainment as much as the inventions of radio, movies and television themselves. The next revolution is in content delivery, which has and will continue to impact all of these entertainment spheres.

  • The world has gone Mobile and it’s never going back.
  • People are taking in more content than ever on their mobile devices.

A new study by Millennial Media and comScore, provided exclusively to The Hollywood Reporter, reveals that the market for mobile entertainment content has soared during the past year. Overall, access to entertainment content — anything from downloads to streaming music and video to ticket information — increased 82 percent, which is more than the 55 percent increase in smartphone users. Overall, 42 percent of mobile users have smartphones; 80 percent of entertainment content users have smartphones.

What this means for Oodles Entertainment is that our production of brand new family values content combined with our live streaming distribution network is the perfect one-two punch for the faith and family market for the next generation and generations to come.