1365708436_duck-dynasty-zoom-300x237What is Reality?

What a concept…a reality series that is full of fun, silliness and old-fashioned good ol’ boys and girls. Real people who aren’t afraid to say a prayer of thanks at the end of every telecast. This could have been pitched to a Christian network. Maybe it was, but instead it is a hit show on mainstream television where the Christian family isn’t portrayed as foaming at the mouth radicals, narrow-minded bigots, or wimpy milquetoast wall flowers…all of which we see unrealistically portrayed on mainstream television. This reality series is truly that….a real portrayal of the vast majority of Christians who have core beliefs rooted in Biblical values…..even though most don’t wear camo as their primary wardrobe choice.

So I congratulate the Robertson’s on their skyrocketed success with a fun filled show where faith and family values are openly expressed! Success which can be attributed to the fact that American families love being entertained with content that matches their core beliefs by people just like their own families….except for the camo of course. Now that’s reality!