Tune In Thursday

amick_todayI’m thrilled to announce that I will be back on The Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda this Thursday morning live on NBC. The show airs at 10am in both the Eastern and Pacific time zones (9am CST).

I’m singing a beautiful song, Make My Heart a Manger, written by Kathie Lee Gifford and David Friedman.

I hope you can catch it amidst all the mad rush of the Christmas season. Merry Christmas everyone!

Also, the single is available for download from iTunes and others:


Make My Heart A Manger – Single

New York! The Today Show

1400448_10151753292138341_946564062_oJust finished an appearance on the Today Show with Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb.

We had a blast!

I will be back on the show in December to sing a very special song live and in person.

Fun, fun, fun! — with Cassie Byram, Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb.



Ratings Creep

ratings_creep-300x166Do we really think that the Hollywood television industry is cleaning up its act? Or, that content on television will stop the “ratings creep” downhill and move in a different direction to a more protective philosophy for children and the American family? The jury is still out, but it does not look good. And while the jury is still having lunch at the local strip joint and pondering the verdict, the verdict is being shouted out to us de facto.

The Parents Television Council recently reported some alarming new statistics regarding the increasing use of full nudity (pixilated or blurred) on primetime television, and it’s not good.

What about the FCC guidelines, you may ask? The FCC enforcement has been lackluster and they are now proposing to officially stop enforcing the indecency laws currently in place and only enforce egregious cases. But what about the television industry ratings system? The networks rate their own programs and therefore have a tendency to not rate a show properly. After all, if they did so, some advertisers may balk at purchasing time.

The irony of it all for the television networks is that most of the shows with the highest number of viewers rated by Nielsen are shows are safe for families to watch. Reference my previous post on May 5 about Duck Dynasty, which each week is consistently the number 1 rated show on cable. However, there are still millions of minds and hearts being tainted by what is seen on mainstream television either on purpose or by accident. No one is fast enough on the remote to anticipate what the next scene (or commercial) will be before it hits our eyeballs.

This is only one of the reasons Oodles Entertainment is focused on producing high quality entertainment programming that is safe and enjoyable for the whole family.

We are determined to do our part to see the “ratings creep” reverse course and take on a whole new direction.

Emmy: A Nod to Mobile

emmy-231x300A few years ago there was a sea change in entertainment when those pesky upstart cable companies like HBO, Showtime, etc. started sucking the wind out of the traditional networks by producing or distributing high quality content that not only received Emmy nominations, but actually won them. The nineties were a significant time in the world of entertainment delivery and distribution. No longer were the Big 3 the invincible purveyors of quality television programming, but now the new boys in town were honing in on the territory.

A few days ago, another turning point in the world of programming and distribution occurred. Netflix became the first all digital mobile distribution company to garner an Emmy nomination for original programming; in fact not just one nomination, but fourteen.

This is yet another verification of the fact that mobile digital distribution is not just the future, but the now… with a bullet.

No More “Appointment” Television

mobile_entertainment-300x173There are more mobile devices in America than there are people and mobility will change the landscape of entertainment as much as the inventions of radio, movies and television themselves. The next revolution is in content delivery, which has and will continue to impact all of these entertainment spheres.

  • The world has gone Mobile and it’s never going back.
  • People are taking in more content than ever on their mobile devices.

A new study by Millennial Media and comScore, provided exclusively to The Hollywood Reporter, reveals that the market for mobile entertainment content has soared during the past year. Overall, access to entertainment content — anything from downloads to streaming music and video to ticket information — increased 82 percent, which is more than the 55 percent increase in smartphone users. Overall, 42 percent of mobile users have smartphones; 80 percent of entertainment content users have smartphones.

What this means for Oodles Entertainment is that our production of brand new family values content combined with our live streaming distribution network is the perfect one-two punch for the faith and family market for the next generation and generations to come.


Duck Dynasty – Proof That We’re Starving for Family Values Content

1365708436_duck-dynasty-zoom-300x237What is Reality?

What a concept…a reality series that is full of fun, silliness and old-fashioned good ol’ boys and girls. Real people who aren’t afraid to say a prayer of thanks at the end of every telecast. This could have been pitched to a Christian network. Maybe it was, but instead it is a hit show on mainstream television where the Christian family isn’t portrayed as foaming at the mouth radicals, narrow-minded bigots, or wimpy milquetoast wall flowers…all of which we see unrealistically portrayed on mainstream television. This reality series is truly that….a real portrayal of the vast majority of Christians who have core beliefs rooted in Biblical values…..even though most don’t wear camo as their primary wardrobe choice.

So I congratulate the Robertson’s on their skyrocketed success with a fun filled show where faith and family values are openly expressed! Success which can be attributed to the fact that American families love being entertained with content that matches their core beliefs by people just like their own families….except for the camo of course. Now that’s reality!